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Are you looking to have a pond installed in your garden? Or perhaps your pond needs an upgrade to get it back to its former glory? Contact the team at Greenwood Aquatics today for high-quality pond services! From installation to maintenance and refurbishment, we're here for all your aquatic solutions.

Pond Services: Welcome


Having a pond in your garden is the perfect way to encourage wildlife such as birds, frogs and dragonflies. Creating a tranquil escape in your own back yard! Here at Greenwood Aquatics we understand what makes a successful, functioning and beautiful water feature. Maintenance is a key feature which is why we offer maintenance checks on all our work - which is also fully guaranteed.

Whether you're just thinking about installing a pond and need some design ideas that will suit your space or whether you'd simply like to improve the life in your pond, contact our team today for helpful and friendly advice!

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🐟 Pond maintenance & installation.
🐟 Pond cleaning: filtration system and equipment upgrades.
🐟 Water quality problems and advice.
🐟 Aqua scaping, décor and new designs can be created.
🐟 Pond filter issues.
🐟 Pond fish disease treatments.
🐟 Lake cutbacks.
🐟 Water gardens and bog gardens.
🐟 Garden maintenance & water features.

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Whether you're looking to have a pond installed as a feature or would like to start keeping fish, our experts can advise you on the best design for your property and welfare of your new finned friends. We also specialise in upgrading and the refurbishment of ponds, not only improving the quality of life in them but also making them more visually pleasing by advising and supplying the best plants that will take well to the environment.


Greenwood Aquatics also provide commercial services, assisting in the maintenance of lakes, large ponds, and water features. If you’re interested in our services, please send us an email today with your requirements!

Pond Services: Educational Resources
Pond Services: Pro Gallery
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